The Power to Change

We all grew up learning that the DNA was the “brain of the cell”.  In fact, we were even plagued with mom and dad’s genes.  But what if all of this was not true?  What if you could influence your genetic expression?  What if you were given a say again in how the game of life turns out?

Epigenetics (environmental influence on genes) and nutrigenomics (nutritional influence on gees) are two fields of study that are changing healthcare as we know it. YOU are the major result of your health status.  That’s right, what you eat, what you think, what you speak all has an impact on your health.  The good news…  If your health is not up to par, YOU can change.  

Take a look at what you eat.  Does it come in a package or wrapper or fresh from the grocery store.  Take a look at what read and watch.  Is it numbing and demotivating or empowering and stimulating.  Take a look at what you do.  Is it always focused on you or do you engage with others and your community?

Your health is sensitive to your environment.  Poor health?  Change your environment.  Nobody wants to live by the landfill.  Clean up the garbage you take.  The power to change is held by you.  


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