Image Nation and The Blame Game

Probably one of the easiest escape routes that we know as human beings is blame.

“My business would be fine if Washington would just lower the tax rate”

“My boss always liked her better, of course she got the raise.”

“Can you believe that test, the teacher was totally unfair and put a bunch of stuff on their we never learned”

“But officer I didn’t see the red light because of the glare from the sun”

It has almost become routine to blame something or someone for our follies. Why take responsibility when we can easily duck and dodge it while maintaining your pristine image.

We have turned new genre of image casting despite character. Truly a new “Image Nation” with Facebook and twitter allowing us to build a profile that looks so amazing with out any questioning of the substance behind it.

How do you change? It has to start inside. Yes with you. Actively choosing to take responsibility means identifying each time you pass blame. Routinely catching yourself as you start to point a finger. The change starts in the heart… you know, right now, what you’re not taking responsibility for. Take action today, but watch out, you might just get in touch with you. You might discover your weak spots and make a change. You might end up having nothing left over to point a finger at. You might just end up being responsible for you!


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