What do you believe?

Have you ever had something just visit you over and over again until you realize that maybe you should take a closer look? Recently, this has been the case for me on the topic of beliefs. I have began to realize that most, if not all people (including myself) hold a set of beliefs that guide their actions daily. Some of you would say “of course” but what about the beliefs that keep so many paralyzed in life? Beliefs that may have been such a long part of one’s life that it has become truth. So much so that every part of you holds this belief as reality. Try these on for size:

I’m not pretty enough, creative enough, smart enough, tall enough, healthy, capable, or you fill in the blank. Are you accident prone, are you cancer, fat, skinny, fibromyalgia, broke, heart disease, diabetic, bad with money, bankrupt, divorced, tired all the time, a bad husband or wife, bad father or mother? How about anti-social, lazy, too slow, distracted, attention deficit, hyperactive, too analytical, worrywart, anxious, scared or thousands of more that I have missed.

You see everyday beliefs are thrown at us like darts at a dart board. You may adapt and become some and shun others. What beliefs have you become? Are they true? If you believe them to be true then this becomes your reality. Why not identify and challenge these beliefs? Did somebody put this belief on you? Television, a teacher, a parent, a friend? Regardless of the source, these disempowering beliefs are guiding you actions today. They have defined you without your permission.

If you want to make a real change in your life let go of your most dis-empowering beliefs, give them up and adopt more empowering and healthy beliefs. Fulfill your life, your dreams, your aspirations. People do it everyday. Choose the more empowering beliefs that fit you better. In fact, it might just be the way God made you.


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  1. On my most challenging days, I do try to remember God created me as I am for His purpose, He loves me as I am, and as He is for me, what does it matter who may try to come against me? It doesn’t. God is with me. Always.
    I’m blessed to have had this ingrained in me…starting mostly with a woman you are very close to. She taught you well! ; )
    Anything we tell ourselves becomes our truth, so why not start with the best each day?
    ‘Thank you Lord for all your blessings bestowed upon me; let me be Your light to others,creating me as I am, perfect to You, for Your Glory and Your Kingdom. There’s good to be found in every moment…let me see it through Your eyes today and always. Amen!’
    Now, go…be His light, and have a wonderful day!
    P.S. thanks for the good reminder post. ~j~’s

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