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The Amazing Machine

Can you imagine a machine that could heal your condition? Just type in the right combination and cells react, repairing broken tissue, attacking cancerous cells or mending a broken bone. A machine that regulates how many breaths you need for healing or one that beats your heart just enough to circulate the blood to areas in demand.

A machine this advanced could also send signals to its operator to slow it down or enter a sleep mode so updates could be downloaded. It would be an amazing machine.

One could imagine such a machine in the nicest establishments. It could cut healthcare costs for millions. Undoubtedly, people would invest large sums just to have one and would go to great measures to take excellent care of it. Maintenance would not be a question, it would be a necessity and cost would be no issue.

The demand for such a machine would be so great that suppliers could not keep up. Even more amazing is that this type of machine exists today. It exists within you. This amazing machine is YOU.

You will perform more functions in a day than any mega computer could attempt in a life time. You are the only machine known to man that can actually heal itself. The envy of all healthcare, every doctors and scientist. You were born with this ability, now you just have to take care of it!


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The Power of Positive

Positive thinking can influence every aspect of your day.  The power of positive will influence your actions, your words and even your relationships.  If you don’t believe this try the opposite.  Try focusing on the negative.  Talk about what is going wrong in the world.  Point out all the flaws in your spouse  and reflect on all the you children have done wrong.  Sounds absurd doesn’t it?  The sad truth is that this how the majority go through a day.

Positive words have been shown to resonate at higher frequencies.  Studies have shown that words carry an energy.  See:

You have the power to speak things into action.  Not just a bunch of hype or weekend seminar mumbo jumbo.  True life giving words.  Think about it.  Besides what’s the alternative.

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Starving America

After reading a blog (1) about the potential benefits of Goji berry waiting for medical “corroboration” I realized that we are no different then the countries that we provide aide to.  I mean the disease infested, poor villages.  You know the picture of the kids starving for food, holding on to life with the infestation of flies around their failing bodies.

At first look this may seem outrageous.  How could America be compared to the likes of starving children in Africa?  Take a look…

  • Overall health ranking is 38th and has not improved in 4 years (World Health Organization)
  • Chronic disease accounts for 60% of all deaths every year.  Over 35 million people.
  • Childhood obesity has tripled in the last 2 decades quadrupling chronic disease for children in the past 4 decades
  • 3/4 of healthcare dollars are spent of chronic diseases (1.7 trillion dollars annually)
  • By 2023 it is projected that Cancer will rise 62%, Diabetes 53%, Heart Disease 41% and Stroke by 29%

So I contend, even though the perceptions of America are one of abundance with mounds of food available, we are a starving country left riddled with chronic disease.  Consuming massive amounts of “food” yet physiologically our bodies are starving for nutrition.  Bodies are breaking down and expressing the highest disease rates we have ever seen.

Are we any different then the poor 3rd world countries?  In abundance, yes.  When it comes to suffering, well at least we have a fly free, air conditioned hospital to die in.

Feed yourself America and start to define the difference between food and nutrients.


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Pain That Was Never Intended

Too many times I see people letting go of a life they were meant to live.  I mean truly live.  A life interrupted.  A muted version of the full expression of what life has in store.

Pain, physical or emotional, was not intended to be part of life.  No, we were created for so much more.  We were created to live a life uninterrupted, fully connected.  To fully express life.  To give each day the talents, the words, the rev, the wisdom, the experiences that are built in.  I often think of a brand new red sports car.   Sleek lines, horsepower waiting to be unleashed and every little detail needed to fully express what it was intended to do.  Go fast.  Nothing was left out that would keep it from fulfilling its purpose.

That same potential exist within you.  It is the human potential.  A God given horsepower.  What a shame to sit in first gear.  I reflect back to the people letting go of life.  Putting the cover on the sports car.  It was never intended to be that way.

Has the pain of life kept you in the garage?  Have you let the pain that was never intended take control?  Life has so much store for all of us but sometimes it takes a realization of the way it is supposed to be so to not let the the way it has become be normal. Drop it into second or third for that matter and let go of pain that life never intended for you.

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Ever Feel Disconnected?

Ever feel like you’re not resonating well?  Constant struggles.  Little things happening all the time.  The flat tire, the headache, the strife in a relationship, the sinus infection, the fender bender bender in the parking lot.  You can create your list I’m sure.  Too many time though human nature is to shrug it off to a bad day, to the stars being misaligned or what about the full moon?  Most never take it any further and never question these little barrage of mishaps.

What if these little mishaps were symptoms?  A symptom or a warning sign calling out to let you know something underlying is not connected or not connected well.  I contend that this may be the case yet due to lifestyles that are created to meet the hectic demands of today’s society we often ignore or actively numb these symptoms only to become more disconnected physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Let me show you a common example.  A headache is a symptom of underlying problem.  It could be physical like tension, chemical from foods we eat (like MSG, caffeine, sugar) or emotional (like stress, relationships issues, finances, etc).  So unless an underlying change is made as to the cause, the headache will re-occur.

What if the oil light on your car were to come on.  It’s a danger sign that your car is vitally low on oil probably because it is leaking out somewhere.  Now you could just keep pouring oil into the engine but that would ignoring the root problem and many mechanics would say you are disconnected or truly don’t understand how a car works.

A disconnect can happen physically, emotionally and spiritually as well and these symptoms that are shrugged off to a bad day, too often ignored or numbed, are signs that there is a root problem.  We tend to dampen symptoms with a plethora of numbing agents.  From alcohol and drugs to television.  Some turn to pornography or sexual affairs. Some may use excessive spending or food consumption as if it were our last meal.  We use different ways to numb our symptoms.  As simple as Excedrin for a headache we consume our daily dose of whatever it takes to numb the symptoms life has so graciously handed us walking through life as if we were on novocain attempting to ignore a true connection in life.

So with this said I contend that it might be more than a bad day.  Each time you experience symptoms it’s an unbelievable opportunity to take a look at how well you are connected to life.  An opportunity if you take it.

How well are you connected physically?  Do you eat well, exercise, drink water and get adjusted regularly?  Do you listen to your symptoms and make changes?

How well connected emotionally are you?  Do you express your feeling often or do you let things build up into anger and frustration?

How well connected spiritually are you?  Do you connect daily with God.  Do you spend time asking purposeful questions?

Try listening to life.  Look for a cause of the symptoms you see around you.  As you engage you might just find that the bad days become fewer and fewer.  The little mishaps, well, seem little and life seems a bit more connected.

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How’s your spiritual health?

So many times we relate health to our physical being.  Do I have symptoms?  If not, I must be healthy.  If I do, I must be sick or unhealthy.  But is there more to health than just symptoms or lack of?

Let me continue.  If you are going through a rough divorce, a bad break up or losing a friend because of a fight would you say this could impact the way you feel?  How about if you lost a job or were demoted because of poor performance? What if you are verbally abused, could this impact you?

If the answer is yes, than you have expanded your definition of health.  You see if something can negatively impact your health the opposite must also be true.  That is if you work on changing or improving an area of life the impact on your health will be very positive and the result… feeling better.  Have you ever had a relationship where things were going well and a loved one gives you a compliment.  You leave each engagement feeling refreshed and energized… ah healthy!

Now consider the spiritual component for a moment.  It is an integral part of your health just as finances, relationships or the physical aspect is ultimately, true healing occurs on the spiritual plane. With growing evidence of the power of prayer and the health benefits experienced by those who regularly worship, it’s increasingly clear that our spiritual health is a factor in our overall health.

How connected with God do you feel? Do you enjoy a sense of purpose and peace? Do you regularly study, meditate, pray or worship?

Consider the following aspects of spiritual health and then rate your current spiritual health across these areas:

  • Faith
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Reading and study
  • Knowledge of faith
  • Meaning of life
  • Sense of connectedness
  • Forgiveness
  • Tolerance
  • Loving others

If you have read this far and pondered these question you are healthier!   Just as if  in the physical aspect you were to have walked for 15 minutes.  Congratulations.  Keep pondering on these questions and work on it as you would other aspects of health… you’ll be amazed on how good you’ll feel!

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